Building a new home or remodeling your existing one can be an overwhelming process.


At Tomlinson Designs, we pride ourselves on attention to detail and the ability to cohesively design projects that accommodate your lifestyle, from initial conception to the very last interior finishes and details.


Our goal is to make the process enjoyable and rewarding.

Sean Tomlinson, Assoc. AIA


Master's of Architecture,

Univ. of Oregon

Sean Tomlinson founded Tomlinson Designs in March 2007 to help clients design a home that caters to their lifestyle.  His passion for architecture began at an early age when he experienced the remodel of his family's home.  


Sean's academic credentials include a Bachelors of Science degree from Santa Clara University and a Masters in Architecture from the University of Oregon.  Sean's community relationships and background in sustainable design, planning, and consulting allows him to design personalized homes with his client's desires and future generation's needs in mind.


Sean's practical experience, prior to entering grad. school, includes working in the construction industry as a framer for a high end luxury home contractor in Lake Tahoe, CA.  As well as, working for a leading residential architectural firm in Seattle.  After moving to Fort Collins in 2004, Sean worked for local reputable architectural firms and earned a certificate in construction management from Colorado State University. 


Sean enjoys spending time with his family, skiing, golfing, soccer, tennis, and hiking.


Erin Baird


Bachelor of Design in Architecture,

Univ. of Florida

Erin Baird has been with Tomlinson Designs since 2014.  She provides design and assistance in the selection of a project’s interior finishes.


“My hope with every project is to create interior spaces that tell your story. Spaces that you love to come home too and ones that you look forward to inviting friends and family into”.


Having earned a degree in Architecture from the University of Florida, Erin is passionate about creating a cohesive home where your exterior and interior spaces are unified in their materials, colors, and style.  She enjoys taking the vision you have for your home and working closely with Sean and you to create beautifully designed interior spaces that truly represent you: your style, your passions, your journey.  Her favorite projects are those that involve taking things that are meaningful to you: family heirlooms, collections, art, colors, objects that speak to your passions and integrating those older familiar elements into your new space; seamlessly merging the old with the new to create a space that is uniquely and wonderfully yours.  Erin loves working with all types of styles from very modern and minimalist to very ornate and traditional and very often enjoys the challenge of mixing elements of different styles together; wether it be spouses with differing tastes or an antique family heirloom that needs to fit into a more contemporary setting. 


Erin grew up throughout the United States and overseas as the daughter of a now retired Air Force Colonel.  After a lifetime of nomadic travel she landed in Colorado in 2004 and is happy to now call Fort Collins home.  With her young son, she enjoys being settled close to family and sharing her passion for design, place, and history with all those she meets.

Jasmine Nikki

Studying Interior Architecture & Design, Colorado State University


Biography in Progress