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The goal of the Design Process is to create highly detailed plans that outline all materials, equipment, fixtures and finish schedules so every element in the home is selected, approved and documented all in one place, eliminating delays or mistakes and making the overall construction process much smoother.

Design Process

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is the first meeting we have together and our opportunity to explore and understand the full scope of your project.

We take the time to visit the site or existing residence and discuss your ideas and vision.


Within a few weeks, we present you with a proposal outlining our scope of work, fees, and estimated timeline for the entire design process.  The fee for an initial consult is $250 and covers our time, travel, and preparation of proposal. This amount will be credited toward your project, upon receipt of a signed proposal.

Pre Design (PD)

PreDesign beings with a kickoff meeting where we recap and review goals, design elements, and gather more details about your project and site. This helps us develop a better understanding of your living patterns, habits, wants, needs, and desired features like topography, solar access, wind patterns, view lines, and even eye sores. For some projects, we use technology like 3D scanning and virtual mapping/walkthru that help us create the 3D model in our design software. Our final analysis covers municipality and governing guidelines like local codes, zoning, and HOA to ensure everything desired can happen within the jurisdiction. Every single thing learned goes into the "Design Bucket" and helps develop a cohesive project moving forward into our next Design Phases.

Schematic Design (SD)

All of the information collected during Pre Design is used to start exploring design concepts, test options, and get a general idea of the look and feel of your space. Design options begin with hand-sketches and develop into modeled plans to help the client visualize the size, shape, and relationship of spaces to each other. We present you with multiple designs and refine them into one complete design through a series of meetings. 

Design Documents (DD)

During this phase, we advance the design significantly based on the floor plan and exterior concept approved in the previous phase. We coordinate with the Interior Designer, specifying all of the materials, finishes, fixtures, equipment, and appliances to be installed. We also coordinate with other service engineers/contractors to finalize documentation with a thorough and precise set of Construction Documents. These drawings and specifications have all of the details, dimensions, and notes necessary to communicate the entire design intent to the builder.

Interior Design (ID)

Interior Design is an optional part of the process. If you decide to work with our great interior design team, they will explore design ideas, style and color preferences with you. They create and present you with mood boards, attend meetings with vendors, coordinate the purchase and delivery of products, and develop finished interior spaces that fit your lifestyle and budget.  Interior Design services include the selection of colors, materials, finishes, fixtures, appliances, etc. with direct coordination into the drawings and schedules. As an add-on, we also offer interior decorating services at an hourly rate, should you desire assistance with furniture and accessories. 


Our goal during this phase is to create a cohesive home where the exterior and interior spaces are unified in their materials and colors, and to ensure that the materials selected are purchased and available to be installed in keeping with the timeline your builder or contractor has specified.

Construction Administration (CA)

While most of our work is done before any construction begins, our consistent presence during construction is equally important. During this phase we review shop drawings and visit the jobsite at regular intervals to answer questions from the builder and proactively address potential issues. The frequency of our site visits could be weekly or monthly depending on the project and your needs, but it is vital to have us keeping an eye on things to ensure the finished project meets your expectations. When construction is finished we complete the final walk through with you.

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