Design Process

Initial Consultation

The Initial Consultation phase is our opportunity to explore and understand the full scope of your project.  We will take the time to visit the site or existing residence and discuss your ideas and vision: a conversation of the elements, pieces, design ideas, life habits, materials, etc. that begin to describe and define your project further.


At the end of this phase we will present you with a proposal outlining our scope of work, fees, and estimated timeline for the entire design process.  All of our services in this stage are complimentary and free of charge.

  • Client survey

  • Site analysis (solar, wind, views, topography, neighboring pieces)

  • Zoning analysis (setbacks, easements, FAR, flood plane, etc)

  • HOA analysis

  • Initial Spatial and program relationship sketches

  • Further developed sketches

    • Floor plan

    • Roof plan

    • Elevations

  • Review meeting

Schematic Design (SD)
  • Draft designs into computer

    • Refine floor plan (doors, windows, furniture, etc)

    • Refine roof plan (pitches, overhangs, water flow)

    • Develop elevation details (materials, trim details, proportions, etc.)

  • Review meeting

  • Solidify design

    • Floor plan (dimension, note, tags)

    • Roof plan (dimension, note, tags)

    • Elevations (note, tag, elevation call outs)

    • Building sections (quick to show relationships and for structural engineer)

  • Final SD Set approval from client

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Design Drawings (DD)
  • Code review and zoning double check

  • Review with Structural Engineer

  • Review with Contractor if selected

  • Refine all exterior materials, colors, door styles, and windows

  • HOA submittal set

  • Refine interior key features and cabinets

  • Prepare sheets as needed per requirements for each project

    • Cover sheet (project info, details, vicinity map, sheet list, etc)

    • Site plan (property lines, setbacks, easements, utility locations as needed, well, septic system, dimensions to building, other key features)


  • Prepare sheets cont'd

    • Floor plans & schedules

    • Elevations & schedules

    • Building sections and systems details

    • Wall sections

    • Details (as needed)

    • Door and window elevations & schedules

    • Reflected ceiling plans (electrical layout with lights, switches and low voltage)

    • Interior elevations/details

  • 90% check set (review with owners, structural engineer, and contractor)

  • 100% permit/bid/construction set

Interior Design (ID) 

Designing and assisting in the selection of a project's interiors is a service that we offer on it's own or in collaboration with larger projects. All of these services are done on an hourly rate and based on the scope of the project.  From appliances to trim work to colors we will guide you through the process of meeting with vendors, selection of materials/finishes, documenting them in either spread sheets and/or schedules with interior drawings, and coordinating the purchasing of the products for delivery to the site.  Through timely planning and detailed documentation we help avoid costly mistakes and changes.


Our goal during this phase is to create a cohesive home where the exterior and interior spaces are unified in their materials and colors, and to ensure that the materials selected are purchased and available to be installed in keeping with the timeline your builder or contractor has specified.


At the end of this phase you will have finished interior spaces that fit your lifestyle and budget and seamlessly blend with the overall design concept of your home.

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Construction Administration (CA)
  • Bi/triweekly site meetings with owner and contractor

    • Walk site with owner and contractor

    • Review current state of construction

    • Discuss and resolve any outstanding issues

    • Create list of action items to be done

    • Update on future construction process

  • Review shop drawings

  • Answer questions from contractor or subs to help interpret the drawings

  • Create addendum's as needed

  • Punch list walk thru at end of project

  • In general, stand in as the owners rep on site to ensure that construction is following the drawings and homeowner’s intentions